Elsinore and Hamlet – Family Fun

Visit Elsinore and walk in Hamlet’s footsteps. With a beautiful location on the North Coast, Elsinore charms its visitors with culture and history.

Visit Elsinore

Elsinore is known for Kronborg Castle and Shakespeare’s Hamlet. It is one of our most popular market towns and it’s located on the North Coast of Sealand. It combines the old with the new – and it is definitely worth a visit!

By car, Elsinore is only 20 minutes from Hotel Living Suites and we recommend taking the scenic route up the North Coast. You can also go there by public transport. Bus 150S to Kokkedal Station is easy and from there, you can take the train to Elsinore Station.

Elsinore is the place in Denmark that is closest to Sweden – only 5 km separates the two countries. If you visit Hamlet’s Castle, Kronborg, you can look across the narrow sea to Sweden. If you would like to visit Sweden, the ferry runs all day 2-4 times an hour.

Explore the “Elsinore Walk”  and walk through 800 years of history and 20 different cultural attractions.

The Culture Yard

Visit the Culture Yard and prepare to be entertained. The event calendar is impressive with a variation of shows, concerts, standup comedy and theatre. Join the adventure that might surprise you and perhaps even lead your mind to wander off the beaten path.

Visit the Culture Yard

MS Maritime Museum

Elsinore is much more than Hamlet performances and Kronborg Castle. Next to Kronborg Castle, you will find the M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark located in the old dry dock.

This museum has won several international awards and is well worth a visit for children and adults as it shows the maritime history of how goods where sailed around the world. The New York Times called it “a cutting-edge cultural venue” and the BBC called it “One of the eight greatest new museums.”

Experience Hamlet at Kronborg Castle

All year round you can experience exciting events at Kronborg Castle in Elsinore. During the summer season you can experience Hamlet Live, an interactive roleplay where you can mingle with the characters as they move around the castle. Bring a picnic and enjoy it on the castle grounds.


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