The Castles of Copenhagen

Visit the castles of one of the world’s oldest monarchies, a must for anyone with taste for royal history!

Amalienborg Palace

Visit Amalienborg Palace in the heart of Copenhagen, the home of the Danish Royal Family since 1794. If the Royal Flag is raised over the palace, then the Royal Family resides. If they are on a journey, the flag is taken down.

On the palace square, you will find the famous Royal Life Guard in beautiful uniforms and bearskin hats. If you visit at 12 noon, you can experience the changing of the guards and follow them march through the streets of Copenhagen.

If you are interested in Danish royal history, then why not visit the Amalienborg Museum.

Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Castle is only a short walk from Nørreport Station and houses some of Denmark’s greatest cultural treasures. The Danish crown jewels and royal crowns are on display here and you can take a walk around the castle and enjoy lavish portraits, tapestries and much more. Explore King Christian IV’s castle and peak into Danish history. The Castle offers daily exhibitions all year.

Outside Rosenborg castle, you will find the King’s Garden, which is the oldest royal garden in Denmark. It was laid out in the early 1600s during the reign of King Christian IV and was, back then, restricted to royals only. Today, the King’s garden is a popular retreat, visited by around 3 million people per year. In the summer months, you can hear jazz concerts and much more.


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