Jægersborg Deer Park – UNESCO Parforce hunting landscape

The Deer Park, also called Dyrehaven, is a nature park and forest north of Copenhagen. It is approx. 1,100 ha. It borders to Jægersborg Hegn, which was until 1832 a part of Dyrehaven. At all entrances are the characteristic red gates. The most used, Klampenborg gate, is located right by Klampenborg Train Station. From Klampenborg Train Station, you can rent a horse carriage and enjoy a beautiful ride through the forest.

The Deer Park is used extensively by Copenhageners and local residents. People use the park for walking, running and cycling. It is popular to take your picnic basket and a blanket with you, where you can enjoy the day with games in the forrest.

The Deer Park was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as part of the Parforce hunting festival in the area, which was once used as a hunting ground by the royals.

The Deer Park was actually landscaped for hunting with dogs, and you may notice that the park’s trail system gathers in star-shaped nodes. This gave the hunters a better overview of the dogs’ movements. As you move around the park, be sure to make your way past the Hermitage Castle, the king’s fine hunting castle, located in the heart of the park with great views of the ocean.

If a break from city life sounds good, then the Deer Park is no more than a 20-minute train ride from Copenhagen. Just hop on a train to Klampenborg station, which you can catch from any train station in the city center.