Copenhagen Museums

Visit the many museums in Copenhagen. The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek has interesting exhibitions for adults and children.

The National Museum of Denmark

The National Museum of Denmark is the cultural historical museum, with Danish and foreign cultural history. Here you can ‘meet the vikings’ and find the famous Golden Horns and the Egtved Girl and also see African masks and Egyptian mummies. If you plan to bring your children, we recommend the Children’s Museum.

The Sun Chariot at The National Museum of Denmark

When you visit the museum, a must-see is the Sun Chariot from the early Bronze Age around 1400 BC. It was found in the north western part of Sealand in 1902. The Sun Chariot illustrates the motion of the sun; how the sun was drawn on it’s eternal journey by a divine horse.

SMK – The National Gallery of Art

The SMK art museum has more than 700 years of art. Here you can learn about art through exhibitions, performances, concerts, art talks, films, creative workshops and guided tours of the Collections. It’s located in Sølvgade close to Rosenborg Castle and The King’s Garden.

Thorvaldsen’s Museum

Bertel Thorvaldsen was a Danish sculptor (1770 – 1844) of international fame, who embodied classical Greek art and made sculptures for the pope and the royal families of Europe.

Thorvaldsen’s Museum is located next to Christiansborg Palace, which houses the Danish Parliament. The museum has many original models that were used in the producing of his final marble and bronze sculptures.

Dive into the architecture and history of the museum and learn about Thorvaldsen’s best known sculptures and experience Thorvaldsen’s own collection of paintings and antiquities.


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