10 fun holiday activities with children in North Sealand

Are you going on holiday in North Sealand with children, Hotel Living Suites gives you 10 suggestions for fun activities for the whole family.

There is something for everyone here and at Living Suites you can park for free and bring your pet if you let us know in advance. Close to the hotel we have supermarkets and as all our hotel apartments are fully equipped with private kitchen, you can cook your own food, if you prefer. Check our website to see our modern and practical hotel apartments and start planning.

1. Forests and Playgrounds

Close to Living Suites is the fairytale forest, Eventyrskoven. The child-friendly forest offers fun sensory experiences and plenty of exercise for the whole family. It is located just one kilometer from the hotel, and you can play and have fun for as long as you have the energy. The fairytale is the main element of the forest and if you’re lucky, you will meet the forest’s magical creatures such as the forest elves, the giant and the thicket witch. If the 3-10-year-olds still have energy to spend, we recommend the experience and movement trail, Tusindbensruten, located on the Mariehøj Natural Playground in Gl. Holte. Here you can move through hills and meadows and stop to read the tales of King Centipede, the Shrew and the Sea Witch.

If your family enjoys running and jumping on larger hills (after Danish standards), we recommend visiting Geel Skov forest, where the Holtekollen is popular among the area’s kindergartens. The hill, which is used for tobogganing in the winter, can be found on the north-east slope of Geels Bakke, where the 15-metre drop from the top can be taken in both large and smaller jumps.

When you’re staying at Hotel Living Suites it isn’t hard to exercise your family and pets, as we have lots of forests and beaches in the area. Supermarkets are located just across the street and accessing the motorway is easy, so book a stay with us and start enjoying as soon as you check in.

2. Living Suites’ Gaming Room

Around the clock, our guests can enjoy our Gaming Room, which is specially designed for children and the young at heart. Here you can easily spend a few hours together. Our Gaming Room has a PlayStation 4 and a PlayStation 5 and a selection of games. You will also find an arcade machine as well as toys and room to tumble for the smallest visitor.

Is your family competitive, you can play pool, darts and table football in our Living Room. We also have an outdoor petanque court, so if the weather is tolerable and your moods are high, we have petanque balls available in the reception.

Read more about our Gaming Room here

3. Amusement Parks and Swimming Pools

Bakken in the Jægersborg Deer Park is located about six kilometers from Living Suites and can easily be reached by car, bike or public transportation. At Bakken, you’ll find fun rides for all ages and a selection of restaurants for you to choose from, when hunger kicks in. Bakken also offers seasonal entertainment such as comedy theater. Cirkusrevyen is a well-known sketch comedy show, but you must have some Danish language skills for it to make sense. In Copenhagen city center, you will find the Tivoli Gardens, a wonderful choice when looking for fun amusement rides, beautifully decorated gardens and good food in Copenhagen. Tivoli Gardens has a selection of restaurants and easy access to the Tivoli Food Hall.

Is your family into water sports, we recommend visiting the Rundforbihallen swimming pool in Nærum. It is located about one kilometer from Living Suites and offers a 25-metre pool with a 1- and 3-meter springboard as well as a 30-degree warm family pool (depth 90 centimeters). If you don’t mind a longer car ride, both Lyngby and Hørsholm swimming pools have 50-metre pools as well as a diving pool and a baby pool. For more information, please check their webpages.

4. Louisiana Børnehus Children’s Wing

Are your children full of creativity and imagination and don’t mind getting their hands dirty? Then the Children’s Wing at Louisiana is a must. Based on the museum’s current exhibitions, children can paint, draw, sculpt and explore the artist’s working methods and expressions. Get inspired at Louisiana and create your own works of art. Continue the magic in the Living Suites’ Gaming Room, where you can find paper and crayons.

5. Esrum Abbey and Millyard for children

Explore the Middle Ages at Esrum Abbey. Here you can find knight’s equipment and your children can be trained as cathedral builders, if they master the art of building arches in monk’s stone. However, it wasn’t only cathedral builders who had to focus on their tasks in the Middle Ages.

Life as a monk required that you could write gothic letters with a feather, pray several times a day and then you had to say goodbye to all personal possessions and your family. Immerse yourself in history and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, which also include a natural playground with a cable car for children.

When it’s time for a rest, Møllecaféen offers delicacies and Klosterbutikken tempts with its own production of beer, honey and other medieval-inspired souvenirs.

6. Zoo and Aquariums

At Living Suites, our youngest guests tell us how they love animals. That’s why we recommend a trip to Copenhagen Zoo, where you can experience over 200 animal species. If you check the zoo’s daily programme, you may even see the animals being fed. So why not prepare a nice lunch in our fully equipped hotel apartments with own kitchen and enjoy it with a view of the world’s exciting animals.

If the family is more into sea creatures, a visit to Den Blå Planet (National Aquarium Denmark) and The Øresund Aquarium is a fun and entertaining way to spend a few hours. The Øresund Aquarium provides an interesting insight into the world that unfolds at the bottom of the Danish seas and fjords. If you want to see fish and sea animals from all over the world, Den Blå Planet is a good choice, and they also have an impressive giant aquarium that is worth experiencing. So, take your kids by the hand and explore life beneath the surface with wonderous fish and sea creatures. Great experiences await.

7. Climbing and Canoeing in Frederiksdal

Spend time with your children in a fun and challenging way in Frederiksdal’s treetops and on the Mølleåen Millstream. Frederiksdal’s climbing park, Til Tops, is in a beautiful forest area and has four tracks of different heights and degrees of difficulty.

You can join from 8 years and up. No experience is needed to join as there is a mandatory review of techniques and safety equipment before you set out onto the tracks. You can bring your own food and roast sausages around the campfire if you like.

You can also rent a canoe and enjoy a trip down Mølleåen, which connects you to both Lyngby and Bagsværd Lakes. We highly recommend exploring the beautiful scenery of North Sealand. For more information, please check the relevant webpages.

8. Experiences at Museums

Teach your children a bit of Danish history by taking them to the museums. Travel 200 years back in time, with a visit to Frilandsmuseet and visit the old farms and water mills. Here the family can get an interesting insight into how the Danes used to live and see how they dressed. Horses, goats and sheep graze in the fields and in summer, you’ll find many activities at the museum.

Are you interested in the Iron Age we recommend a visit to Mothsgården, where you can see the Vedbæk Finds. Jacob, the moss skeleton, is a popular attraction and is often visited by school children. You can also follow in the footsteps of the hunters and walk through the museum’s primeval forest that existed 7000 years ago. If you’re lucky, you may be able to touch some of the hunter’s tools and other items in the exhibitions. For more information, please contact the museum’s staff.

9. Experimentarium – All of Denmark’s Science Center

Are your children curious about the world, the Experimentarium in Hellerup stimulates both imagination and senses. Through natural science and technology, our approach to everyday life is explored, and here is something for all ages. Check the daily programme on Experimentarium’s website and enjoy fun demonstrations and quirky facts. Get creative and learn about fun experiences that you can try at home. Maybe Experimentarium even has a cool light show or soap bubble show in the Bobleriet.

10. Kronborg Castle

Explore Denmark’s history with a visit to Kronborg Castle, where children and their adults can inspect the nooks and crannies of the old castle. You can see the moat and the old cannons, and if you are brave enough, you are welcome to explore the dark Casemates to check if the great viking, Holger the Dane, still sleeps in his chair. The castle has daily tours for children and adults and they may even have a story hunt that day for the whole family.

North Sealand is rich in history and exciting activities, so it will not take long to find something interesting to do. When you’re staying at Hotel Living Suites, you’re close to all the fun and you can start enjoying as soon as you have checked in.

We look forward to welcoming you.


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