Take a cruise on Strandvejen – the coastal road from Copenhagen to Elsinore

Enjoy a nice drive on the North Coast. Strandvejen will take you from Copenhagen through charming towns and by idyllic harbours all the way to historic Elsinore in North Sealand.

Are you planning a visit to Elsinore or any of the beautiful places on the North Coast? Then take the Strandvejen coastal road from Hotel Living Suites and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

If you start from Copenhagen, you will pass Hellerup, a residential area for the ‘rich and glamorous.’ Here, the houses are as big as the cars parked out front and you will also find many embassies. As you drive up along the Strandvejen, you will notice the houses getting bigger and thus more expensive. It is not uncommon that a house on Strandvejen costs from 20 million DKK and up.

After Hellerup you will reach the Charlottenlund Fortifications from 1886. Make a stop here to see the old fortress with the impressive canons, dip your toes in the Sound and enjoy an ice cream from the shop. Next is the beautiful marina, Skovshoved Havn, which is a popular spot for lunch or dinner and you can even take a dip from harbour pier.

Drive onwards to Klampenborg and the Deer Park, which is close to Hotel Living Suites. In Klampenborg you will find Bellevue Beach and the statue of Knud Rasmussen, the Greenland seafarer, who is overlooking the Sound. You will also pass by the world-famous architect Arne Jacobsen’s renowned Bella Vista residential complex from 1934. The floor displacements, the framework over the balconies and the rounded corners make the buildings radiate an elegant, southern modernity, and with its whitewashed facades, flat roofs and corner windows, it is a typical representative of functionalism.

Now the road will narrow and lead you through idyllic villages up to Skodsborg, with the gorgeous Spa Hotel. Hotel Living Suites is located in Nærum, so just turn left on Skodborgvej and you will find us on the other side of the forest on the right.

After Skodsborg Beach, you will reach Vedbæk Harbour and then Rungsted. Rungsted has an idyllic marina and was the home of the famous Danish writer, Karen Blixen. You can find the Karen Blixen Museum in her home, Rungstedlund, and learn all about her life. If you have not tired from idyllic marinas, the Nivå Havn or the following harbours are also excellent places to stop.

From Nivå you’ll come to Humlebæk where you will find Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which is definitely worth a visit. Finally you’ll reach Elsinore and the impressive Kronborg Castle, home of Hamlet and the old viking, Holger the Dane. If you bring your children, the castle has daily tours. Read more here.

Bellevue Beach

In Klampenborg, you will find the popular Bellevue Beach with beautiful white sand. The beach is the perfect place to relax and you can also play beach volleyball, if you’re up for it. The beach is known for its iconic light towers, designed by the famous architect Arne Jacobsen.

Bellevue Beach is 700 meter long and during the summer, lifeguards will be present during the day. You will find benches, a large grass area, a kiosk and public toilets. Pack a nice lunch in your Living Suites apartment and enjoy a day at the beach. For more information on our fully equipped hotel apartments, click here.


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