The dog walker’s guide

6 beautiful dog-friendly parks and forests in North Sealand.

Do you have a dog and need inspiration for walking trips in North Sealand?

Hotel Living Suites recommends 6 beautiful and dog-friendly parks and forests in North Sealand.

North Sealand is known for its beautiful landscapes, coastline and idyllic market towns. If you have a dog, we strongly recommend going for lovely walks in North Sealand to enjoy our beautiful scenery and varied terrain. The dog forests are off-leash areas where your dog can run freely and play but always under full control.

Hotel Living Suites is a pet-friendly aparthotel in Nærum with easy access for our four-legged friends. All our hotel apartments are fully furnished and have a private bathroom, kitchen and balcony. During your stay you have full access to our facilities, including access to SATS Fitness and free parking.

1. Geel Skov dog forest

Geel Skov in Holte is the largest dog forest in the Greater Copenhagen area. Here you can go for a nice terrain sprint with your dog and enjoy nature and lots of fresh, Nordic air. The dog forest is host to many dogs and many are off leash so it’s easy to find new playmates. Geel Skov is large with wetlands, open grasslands and a few mountain bike trails. Benches and trash bins are located around the forest.

Look for Geel Skov’s Bronze Age rocks with cup mark decorations. You can identify them by their cup-shaped hollows in the surface of the rock. The rocks have been in the forest since 1700 – 500 BC and can be found in and around the Gamle Plantage-area.

Parking can be found on Kongevejen and around the Rudersdal Town Hall in Holte. You can also park close to the entrance on Vangebovej and at Holte Station.

2. Trørød Hegn dog forest

Trørød Hegn dog forest is a 44-hectare, non-fenced part of Trørød Forest in Vedbæk. The forest is historically interesting and a great place to exercise your four-legged buddy as he/she can run freely and have fun. You can find several Bronze Age mounds for terrain sprints and the area borders on the old Vedbæk Fjord, where the famous Vedbæk Finds were discovered. The Finds have proven to be the best-preserved burial ground from the Hunter Stone Age (12.500 – 4000 BC) and make the forest a must for history buffs.

Parkering can be found on Trørødvej and in the forest parking area. Trørød Hegn dog forest is not suited for disabled companions and does not have wetlands or open grasslands.

3. Jægersborg Hegn dog forest

You can find Jægersborg Hegn dog forest in the Northeastern part of Jægersborg Hegn, which is a 435-hectare forest between Strandvejen and the Kystbanen railway. Dogs can run off leash in the dog forest but must be leashed, when you walk into Jægersborg Hegn and the Deer Park’s open woodlands.

Jægersborg Hegn is famous for the Rundforbilærkerne, a group of 130-year-old and 35 meters tall European larch trees. The trees have been selected for seed breeding and have rooted millions of larches in Europe.

Larch trees are non-native to Denmark and were imported and planted in the late 19th Century to be used for ship’s masts and mill blades. They make an interesting visit among the many beech trees, oak trees and conifers. There is plenty of beautiful forest and tree species to sniff.

Parking can be found at Skodsborg Station and two places on Skodsborgvej towards Nærum and Living Suites, where dogs and other pets are welcome.

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4. Søllerød Kirkeskov

Søllerød kirkeskov forest in Holte is a slightly hilly deciduous forest and is absolutely worth a visit, when you and your best friend need exercise. The forest was formed during the last Ice Age and the hilly terrain with many paths and waterholes make the area exciting to explore. Your dog can run off leash but be aware that there may be horses and some mountain bikes in the forest.

We highly recommend a walk through the Ådalen valley in the middle of the forest where you can spot herons on the three lakes. The forest has tables and benches as well as a camp site. Søllerød Kirkeskov is located 2 kilometers from Living Suites, where pets are welcome, and hotel apartments are available for short and longterm stays.

Parking can be found in parking areas on Attemosevej, Øverødvej and Søllerødvej.

5. Bernstorffsparken

If your dog loves playmates, the Bernstorffsparken park in Gentofte is worth a visit. Bernstorffsparken has a forest area with walking paths, large grasslands and a meadow where dogs can run freely and play. You’ll find many dog lovers here, so why not enjoy a nice chat when your dog stops for a sniff.

Benches, tables and trash bins are located various places in the park, and you can find water for your dog and a café in the Svenske Villa. Please note that the water supply for dogs is shut down in winter. Dogs cannot enter the rose garden and must be on leash near flowers and flower beds and around the Swan Lake. Bernstorffsparken is partly fenced, but the two entries are open.

Parking can be found on Bernstorffsvej, Jægersborg Allé and Vældegårdsvej.

6. Vedbæk og Hornbæk Beaches

Do you and your dog enjoy a cool dip? You’re both welcome on Vedbæk South Beach and Hornbæk Beach. From October to March dogs are allowed off-leash but under full control.

Vedbæk South Beach is a lovely beach park with a marina, café and restaurants in the area. The beach has a view of the Swedish west coast and lots of white sand to dig feet and paws into.

Parking can be found on Vedbæk Marina.

Hornbæk Beach has an area for dogs where you can let your dog run freely all year, not just during the winter season. The dog beach is connected to the dog forest in Hornbæk Plantage, so there is plenty of room to frolic.

Parking can be found near the beach and on Nordre Strandvej’s side roads.

Please note that Blue Flag Beaches do not allow visitors with dogs to settle down, but you can pass through the beach. White Flag Beaches allow visitors with dogs to settle down. Check the various municipalities’ websites for more information and regulation updates.

Hotel Living Suites wishes you and your four-legged friend a nice walk.


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