Kronborg Castle and Hamlet

Visit Kronborg Castle in Elsinore only 15 km from Hotel Living Suites. During the summer watch Hamlet plays in his own castle.

Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle is located in Elsinore and is probably best known for Hamlet, Shakespeare’s famous play. The castle is within walking distance of Helsingør station and can be visited all year round. Learn about Frederik the 2nd, who fought with Sweden in the 7 year war, experience Denmark’s most beautiful party and dance hall with the beautiful Kronborg wallpapers, which tells about 100 years of royal history. Learn about the siege of the castle during the war. The casemates are gloomy, cold and damp, but have saved many lives during times of war. The underground passages have protected soldiers when enemy bullets were fired into Kronborg. In the casemates you will find the danish legendary hero Holger Danske asleep. The legend has it that he wakes up the day Denmark is under a threat.

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Hamlet Teatre

William Shakespeare chose to place Hamlet at Kronborg in Elsinore, when he wrote his world-renowned drama. All summer Kronborg’s guests will meet the famous characters from the play as they move around the chambers and rooms. We alle know the sentence:  ”To be or not to be…”

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