Kronborg Castle and Hamlet

Visit Kronborg Castle in Elsinore, only a 20-minute drive from Hotel Living Suites.

Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle in Elsinore is probably best known for Hamlet, Shakespeare’s famous play from 1603. The castle is within walking distance of Elsinore Station and can be visited all year. Learn about King Frederik II, who fought the Swedes in the Nordic Seven Years War and experience Denmark’s most extraordinary ballroom with unique Kronborg wallpaper.

If you dare, visit the gloomy, cold and damp casemates where the legendary, Danish hero, Holger the Dane, is asleep. Legend has it, that his statue will come to life on the day Denmark is under siege. The underground passages in the casemates have protected many soldiers when enemy bullets were fired into Kronborg. It’s well worth a visit! Read more here.

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Hamlet Teatre

When William Shakespeare wrote his famous play, Hamlet, he chose to place it at Kronborg in Elsinore. During the summer season, you can meet the famous characters from the play as they move around the chambers and rooms with you. Dive into history and explore the old castle, watch a play.

We alle know the phrase:  ”To be or not to be…” so why not visit the castle? That’s the question.


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